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Wineoox is an application that enables Italian wineries to communicate with the world. It was launched on May 7, 2014, in Bologna, Italy.

Wineoox has helped to transform the way we discover, order and enjoy wine in the Italy.


Working closely with Wineoox executive team, we aligned on a new brand vision for the business. The shorthand of that vision is move drinking forward. This vision is intended to ensure that Wineoox stays ahead of changing eating habits and tastes, and makes use of data gleaned from thousands of orders and years of wine-focused experience to be the place where individual chefs and restaurants can shine. It celebrates the diversity of foods, places and people – all brought together in one place.

Serving up magical experiences

Take a photo of any wine label and instantly learn that wine’s rating, review, and average price.

Pick Better Wine

Scan any wine label to see which wines to buy and which to leave on the shelf.

Wine List Scanner

Scan any wine list to see the rating and review of each wine on the list, helping you pick the right wine every night out.

Wineoox emphasises the social aspect of wine apps. It has a sleek, uncluttered design which encourages sharing and interaction. Users can follow and be followed, as with Twitter and Instagram, and there are a host of verified Pro users providing expert opinions.

Wineoox Team


Fit for the future
Using crowdsourcing technology, Wineoox now has over 1 million different wines on its system and when a customer scans a bottle of wine in a shop using Vuforia, a technology recognition the label matches to a fingerprint of the label in the app’s database.


“If it’s something we haven’t seen before we’ll add it to the system, that’s how we add to the database so quickly. And mobile phone and camera capabilities have made it easy for us to crowdsource the data gathering.”


The logo generator

We work with digital art and design studio to develop the concept.

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